A website is an efficient, powerful and flexible tool for promoting your business.  However, building a website yourself or hiring someone to create one for you can be inefficient and frustrating.  Even worse, it can consume your valuable time.

You need a website.   However, you just don’t need to manage the process yourself.

The Research Department helps smaller companies produce effective websites in a timely and economical fashion.  Most importantly, our WordPress based system is easy for almost anyone to manage.  If you can use Microsoft Word, you can manage a WordPress website.

The advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to rely on a programmer for smaller updates.  Plus, you are able to make timely updates quickly and easily.

Our interview process enables us to make a recommendation on a basic design approach.  We then manage the development process (with as much input as you desire), populate the initial website with the necessary content AND help train you or your staff on how to update your website.

If you want a website, but not the headaches, contact us to discuss your project.

For some examples of our work, click on one of the images below for a larger perspective.  If you hover over the enlarged image, more details about the project will be provided.