Where does the time go when you run your own business?  Where do you find the time to both DO the work and promote it?

If you feel like you are alone, trying to handle the day-to-day operations of your company AND also trying to map out the strategic plans to help your business grow (e.g. PR, marketing, promotion).  The Research Department, Inc. can help.

For companies that don’t have an in-house marketing department, we can help you develop and implement a realistic plan to promote your business.  

For a new business, this might mean helping you identify the unique elements of your business to feature on your website and literature.  It could include identifying potential public relations targets and helping with the outreach to specific writers and editors.

For more established companies, we can offer an objective, third-party opinion and assess the effectiveness of your presentation materials and strategy.

Either way, we work with you to find the most effective solutions to your problems while treating your budget as if it were ours.