Director Resources

Logo Concepts: Third Round

For the third round, the designer has focused on the concept that you have preferred.  We returned to the original, horizontal layout.  Other changes focus on the location of the image, the font, and the font color looking for a brighter palette.

Specific Changes:
F & I use a font called Calluna
G uses a font called Chanticleer
H the tree location
J the tree location


Director Resources

Logo Concepts:  Second Round

For the second round, the designer has done two things:

1)  Taken the concept that you liked the most in round 1 (the version with the tree) and shown it with two colors in both words (again, the colors can change, but these were the original ones you indicated).  There are also three options for the font, to show you a more contemporary look and a more classic option.

2)  The next three are variations on the concept of "growth" that was inherent in the tree imagery that you responded to.  You will see a keyhole, mountain (more of a security, finance and stability metaphor) and finally a different tree image, slightly less cartoonish (not intended as a criticism, more a description)

Hopefully this narrowing of the design language will give you an insight in the imagery, font, and coloring that you like or don't like.  Let me know what you are thinking.

Director Resources:

Logo Concepts First Round

The designer has come up with an initial round of concepts to get your feedback on a general look.  It will be a challenge to find a logo that fits the business without heading into unnecessary "funeral" imagery.  We want Director Resources to have a positive, yet serious, connotation.

So, look at these logos to see if any fall in line with what you might envision.  Feedback on the font, colors, images, are all helpful.  It is useful to hear what you like and don't like, but the why, either way, is truly important.